Solon wants some tabloids x-rated

September 25, 2019

A NEOPHYTE solon has filed a measure categorizing tabloids publishing sexual stories and images as pornographic or x-rated.

In filing, Quezon City Rep. Precious Hipolito-Castelo filed House Bill 4733 proposing a National Restriction on Tabloids Act under which tabloids with sexual content would be labeled as “only for adults” and could only be bought by persons 18 years old and up.

The lady solon said x-rated tabloids containing sexual stories and images should be classified as pornographic as they are distributed “for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.”

“Movies and television programs are strictly reviewed and classified with the end in view of achieving intelligent viewing and protecting our children,” Castelo said.

“By the same token, smutty tabloids should be regulated in such manner as to keep them at bay to protect the moral integrity of our children,” she added.

Based on the study of the Commission on Population, pornography drives the youth to engage in sexual activity at a young age, she noted.

“With our country experiencing rising rates of teenage pregnancy, coupled with alarming increase in HIV infections, our leaders would do well to incorporate systematic domestic regulatory system banning the youth from all forms of pornography in their programs,” she said.

The bill mandates the proper agency to issue rules and regulations on the measure, while Section 4 mandates competent courts to determine penalties.