Teachers deserve higher pay -- solon

AS the world commemorates Teacher’s Day, Rizal solon stressed Filipino teachers deserve higher pay for their sacrifices in providing better education to the students.

Rizal Representative Fidel Nograles said  he is pushing for at least 78 percent increase in the teacher’s salary.

Nograles, a member of Lakas-CMD, filed House Bill 5076 which seeks to  increase the minimum salary grade level of all public school teachers and provide more retirement benefits to qualified teachers.

“Despite the fact that they are heralded as the molders of the next generations’ future, public school teachers remain among the most underpaid workers in government,”  Nograles said.

He stressed the proposed measure will peg the salary of entry-level teachers from the present salary grade 11 to salary grade 17.

It would also provide retired teachers a monthly pension for life amounting to not less than 80 percent of the monthly average salary, allowances, and other emoluments authorized by law, as supported by Republic Act No. 8291 or the Revised Government Service Insurance System Act of 1997.

Based on the Fourth Tranche of the Salary Standardization Law, SG11 amounts to 20,754 pesos, while SG17 is pegged at 36,942 pesos.

The present minimum salary grade level of public school teachers in the  elementary and secondary schools is barely higher than Metro Manila’s 537 peso  minimum wage, Nograles added, and such low salary deprives them of  opportunities to improve their skills and pursue further education and training.

“We must promote an environment where continuous learning from one generation to the next is possible,” Nograles said.

“We can guarantee that our children acquire better education by empowering and capacitating our 800,000-strong teachers by providing them adequate remuneration and incentives in exchange for the value of service they render,” he added.

If passed, the initial funding required for the the law’s implementation shall be sourced from the savings of the Executive Branch of the government and other possible sources that may be determined by the Office of the President. The subsequent funds needed shall be included in the General Appropriations Act for the year following the implementation of this Act.