China to push through with Kaliwa Dam project

January 13, 2020

China will continue to work with the Philippines to ensure the early implementation of the Kaliwa Dam Project in Quezon  for the benefit of the local people saying it is one of Beijing’s “great achievements” in helping Manila.

The statement was  issued yesterday by the Chinese Embassy in Manila, stressing the project is an important part of the New Centennial Water Source of the Philippines.

“Once completed, the Kaliwa Dam Project will fundamentally alleviate the severe challenge of the water shortage in the Metro Manila. It is of great significance to meet the long-term water demand and improve the basic quality of the life of the local people,” the statement said.

China added the project will help the Philippines provide more livelihood projects through China-Philippines mutually beneficial infrastructure cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Build, Build, Build plan, aiming to instill a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction among “our peoples.”

Before proceeding with the project, China stressed relevant Philippine authorities have  ordered to critically evaluate the project’s economic practicality and compliance of environmental protection rules and bidding procedures to ensure the project is well qualified.