Consul advises illegal Pinoys

THE Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles has advised Filipinos about their rights and what to do in case US Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE) agents appear at their doorsteps.

It said “the Consulate General reminds all Filipinos to be vigilant and read up on the given resources so that you would know your rights when confronted by an ICE officer.”  

The ICE started on Sunday its crackdown on illegal immigrants in 10 major cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.

Reports have said that about 2,000 illegal immigrants are the prime targets of the crackdown. They are the ones that have criminal records and were issued removal orders but failed to appear in court and are still in the US illegally.

But reports said that other illegal immigrants who are found along with the person of interest will also be arrested by the ICE as part of the “collateral” fallout.

In preparation for the immigration sweeps, the County of Los Angeles and its Office of Immigrant Affairs came out with the list of rights to protect oneself and provided a number of legal resources where illegal immigrants can get legal immigration advices if ICE agents appear at their doorsteps. This can be found at

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti has reaffirmed the City of Los Angeles law enforcement will never participate in or assist in ICE enforcement actions.

The Mayor’s City of Immigrant Affairs has created a Community Resource Guide for Immigrant Angelenos, providing people with comprehensive information about their rights and available resources, including contact information for legal service providers and community organizations that can be found on the Mayor’s website at

There are also non-profit organizations, referral services and private attorneys across California that provides pro bono legal services. The list can be downloaded from the US Justice Department website at or
For emergency assistance, the Consulate General can be contacted through its hotline: +1(213) 587-0758 or +1(213) 268-9990.