Filipinos in Hong Kong reminded to exercise extreme caution

Filipinos in Hong Kong were advised to remain vigilant and exercise extreme caution due to mass protests over an extradition bill being pushed in the administrative region that critics said would violate the territory’s autonomy.

“The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong released an advisory, asking Filipinos there to keep away from demonstration areas, which are generally concentrated outside the government central offices, particularly the Legislative Complex, in Admiralty and in Tamar Park,” Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Diplomacy Emmanuel Fernandez said in a statement Wednesday evening.

He asked Filipinos to reschedule their consular transactions at the Consulate General since it is located near the demonstration areas.

Fernandez said the Consulate General in Hong Kong, headed by Consul General Antonio Morales, “continues to monitor the situation and will provide public advisories from time to time as necessary.”

“It also stands ready to provide assistance if needed,” he added.

Reports said the widespread demonstration against the extradition bill has turned violent as hundreds of police pushed backed against the protesters at the Legislative Council. Critics said the bill would violate the region’s  autonomy.