In the red

Guterres is hoping to discuss other ways to address the budget shortfall such as allowing transfers of funds from one peace mission to another, an idea opposed by some countries which insist their funding should go to specific operations, diplomats said.

‘Juan movement’ for positive change

A NEW citizens’ movement seeking to help President Rodrigo Duterte promote his “ardent love” for the country has been launched with famed artist and entertainer, Arnell ‘Arnelli’ Ignacio, in the forefront of the campaign to spread its message of “positive change.”

Global recession feared, return of overseas Filipino workers eyed

March 03, 2019
IF elected for a fifth term in the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said that one of his priority measures will be to boost opportunities for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to work in the Philippines so that they can return to their families and amid an impending global recession which may leave many OFWs jobless.

Handbook boon to Overseas Filipino Worker's

March 02, 2019
The DoLE was mandated to “see to it that labor and social welfare laws in the foreign countries are fairly applied to migrant workers and whenever applicable, to other overseas Filipinos including the grant of legal assistance and the referral to proper medical centers or hospitals.”