11 more recover from COVID-19 in Lucena

June 25, 2020

LUCENA CITY -- Apart from the 52 patients from this city who were infected by coronavirus desease (COVID-19) but eventually recovered, 11 ot the remaining 14 carriers were finally declared cleared.

In its 12 noon bulletin, the Quezon Public Information Office (QPIO) announced the recovery of 11 patients from this city which is now under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

So far, this city has only three remaining COVID-19 carriers recuperating in a medical facility.

The city remains to be zero-fatality.

City Mayor Roderick Alcala expressed optimism the city would soon again be declared "zero- COVID".

However, patients classified as suspected cases from three different towns have died bringing the total number of fatalites under the said classification to 53.

While three new confirmed cases were recorded in the town of Infanta and one each in the island towns of Alabat and Perez, all in the northern part of the province.

At the moment, Quezon has a total of 150 confirmed cases with 120 recoveries, 10 deaths and 20 who are still confined in hospitals.