AKG men take course on hostage negotiation

October 07, 2019

EIGHTEEN officers and men of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group (PNP-AKG) yesterday started a 12-day hostage and crisis negotiation training course at the Development Academy under the auspices of the British Embassy, PNP-AKG director, Colonel Jonnel C. Estomo said.

In a report to PNP chief, General Oscar D. Albayalde, the PNP-AKG director said that the British Embassy thru Second Secretary and Political and Security official John Houlihan is supervising the training in Tagaytay City which will be up to October 18.

A total of 16 PNP-AKG commissioned officers, one of them PNP-AKG spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Elmer R. Cereno and two non-commissioned officers, are participating in the course designed to equip them with world-class training on how to deal with any kidnapping situation and turn them into much better hostage negotiators.

Estomo said that the course is designed in particular to provide the PNP-AKG participants with the building blocks required to progress on becoming hostage negotiators.  

“This course will also equip my men with the knowledge and capability that will aid in their deployment as police hostage and crisis negotiators tasked to seek peaceful solutions in any criminal and domestic siege, hostage-taking incidents, incidents involving the New People’s Army and even suicide interventions,” said the PNP-AKG director.

Estomo  said that the students will be required to do group discussions and engage in expert mentoring, give feedbacks and in role-player sessions. Upon graduation, the students will become certified hostage-negotiators that can be deployed to any part of the country at any given time.