Alleged Chinese ship off Subic a yacht – Defense chief

August 12, 2019

Defense  Secretary Delfin Lorenzana yesterday clarified that the vessel that docked at one of the resorts in Subic was not a Chinese ship but a yacht owned by a businessman in the area.

Lorenzana issued the clarification following reports that a Chinese vessel allegedly docked in a resort in Subic last Sunday.

He said a verification by the Philippine National Police - Maritime Unit and the Philippine Coast Guard showed the vessel was actually a yacht owned by a businessman based in Subic.

The yacht was registered to Didier Ladriere, a Belgian businessman who owns the Urban Deli restaurant in Subic Bay Freeport

It was also learned that the yacht was used to be a Japanese research and survey vessel, Tankai Maru, converted into a motor yacht catering to tourists.

Lorenzana said even Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority administrator Amy Eisma confirmed that the yacht was registered in Subic as MV Balena II.

Tourists, residents and authorities on Sunday were alarmed on the presence of the yacht  mistakenly identified as a Chinese vessel that allegedly entered Subic Bay without notice.

The Law Enforcement Department of the SBMA said the vessel was just a Subic-registered pleasure boat, with a bunch of Chinese guests onboard.