Decomposing woman fished out of Taal lake

September 05, 2019

LAUREL, Batangas – A lifters woman on Wednesday was found   floating at the Taal lake in Bgy. Balakilong this town.

The woman, about 25 to 35 years old and 5’4” in height,  was wearing a white T-shirt and blue panty. Her body was already in a stage of decomposition.

Police said the victim’s mouth was sealed with duct tape, the feet up to the neck were tied with a rope and she had two stab wounds.

Two sacks of sand  were tied to the victim’s body, which was used as weights to make sure she would  drown.  

Police are investigating the gruesome find.

Police yesterday said that two men were found dead in Ilocos Sur.
One of the victims had a stab wound in the head.

Henry Cabalbag, 33, of Villa Garcia, Sta. Cruz town, was found lifeless on the  shoreline of Capariaan.

In Palali, Sta. Lucia town, Adriano Guerrero, 70, was found dead below the spillway bridge.                                

With Christian Supnad