Depressed Ecija lolo hangs self

September 04, 2019

PEÑARANDA, Nueva Ecija — A despondent sexagenarian took his own life by hanging himself in a tree in a vacant lot owned by a municipal councilor here on Tuesday.

Found dead was Ricardo Sinuto Sr., 62, of Bgy. Rio Chico, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija.

Police said a concerned citizen told them that an alleged suicide incident occurred at Bgy. San Mariano at 1:30 p.m.

Upon investigation, the victim was discovered dead by Raymark Carlos, 19, a cowherd, and Manuel Sanchez, both of Bgy. Diwalaan, Gen. Tinio.

The duo saw the victim hanging in a tree with a rope looped around his neck at a lot owned by municipal Councilor Erick Serrano.

According to their investigation, police said the victim was suffering from an illness and believed to have hanged himself due to severe depression.

Further investigation showed that police found no sign of any physical injury on the victim’s body or sign of struggle in the area.