Detainee grabs cop’s gun, killed

October 10, 2019

SAN JOSE CITY -- A 20-year-old construction worker nabbed for frustrated murder was shot dead when he allegedly tried to escape after grabbing the gun of a police officer here on Tuesday.

City police head Lt. Col. Heryl Bruno identified the slain suspect as Vincent Morales, stay-in construction worker, a native of Pambuan, Northern Samar, of Bgy. Rafael Rueda Sr.

Morales was arrested for frustrated murder charges filed before the city prosecutor’s office, docketed under N.P.S. Docket No. III-14-INQ-19JOO275 on October 9.

Bruno said the arrested suspect had just finished documentation and booking procedure inside the police station at 4 p.m. and was about to be committed inside the detention facility after his handcuffs were removed by jail custodian Pat. Jun Arcanghel when he suddenly pushed aside Arcanghel before trying to escape at the back of the police station.

Arcanghel and other police personnel gave chase until he was cornered. However, when he was about to be arrested, the suspect grabbed Arcanghel’s gun forcing one of the arresting lawmen to fire at the suspect, causing his instantaneous death.

Bruno said he requested the Scene of the Crime Operatives office to conduct an ocular investigation of the crime scene.