DNA test shows match between Sulu bomber, Pinay woman

DNA samples taken from one of the two suspected “suicide bombers” who attacked a military camp in Indanan, Sulu last June 28 matched that of a Filipina woman who claimed the suspect was her missing 23-year-old son, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

The findings made by the world-class DNA Section of the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory proved that the slain terrorist was indeed Norman Lasuca and made him the first Filipino suicide bomber in the country, a Journal Group source said on condition of anonymity.

PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde earlier said that apart from conducting a background check on the slain suspects, they need to see the result of a DNA test conducted on the DNA samples of the suspects.

A woman earlier claimed that one of the two “suicide bombers” was her 23-year-old son.

Albayalde said that if the woman’s DNA would match that of the slain suspect, the latter would go down in history as the first recorded Filipino “suicide bomber.”

According to the top cop, they need to look at the background of the slain suspects, including the purported Lasuca as part of their investigation on how the suspects were trained to launch a suicide attack.

Both the Armed Forces and the PNP earlier expressed belief that the June 28 twin bombings inside a military camp in Indanan, Sulu was the handiwork of local suicide bombers.

Albayalde also said that they are yet to monitor any real terror threat in Metro Manila in the aftermath of last week’s bombing although  they are not lowering their guards and have instituted tough security measures that will prevent such possibility.