Naga dengue cases reach 236

July 29, 2019

DENGUE cases in Naga City have sharply increased until the last weeks of July with a recorded 236 afflicted patients, with 51 new cases, among them 3 doctors of the Bicol Medical Center (BMC), now recuperating from the illness.

Dr. Veto “Butch” Borja, City Health Officer said, the rainy season has also brought a breeding season for dengue carrier mosquitoes, while five city villages were cited by Borja as having the most number of cases in Naga.

Among the 27 city villages, Pacol, an upland village at the base of Mt. Isarog, had 39 cases, Concepcion Pequeña, 26, San Felipe, 25, among biggest populated city villages; Cararayan, 20 and Abella, with 12 dengue cases.

Borja said, the city had launched an extensive anti-dengue campaign with regular information, clean-up drive in city villages, and fogging in considered breeding areas of dengue carrying mosquitoes.

The health officer also said, record showed the city government had launched a significant anti-dengue drive, after recorded highcases of dengue in previous years.

Meanwhile, at a press-conference at the Bicol Medical Center, Dr. Joey Rañola, Infections Disease Specialist of the BMC confirmed, that dengue patients at the BMC have reached 797, or 109% (percent) from January to July 20, 2019, compared to a similar period in 2018.

While there were 10 reported deaths at the BMC from January to July with age bracket 6-months to 54 years.

Rañola said, afflicted patients this year range from: 3-month old infant up to 76 years old.

Most afflicted patients were 406 females and 391 males. Newly confined patients were given mosquito nets, while pediatric ward patients, mostly minors, were transferred to the new emergency room building, one among the P 1.2-billion newly constructed edifices at the BMC.