PRC puts up more med tents at Kidapawan City Hospital

December 08, 2019

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) puts up two additional sets of air-conditioned emergency medical tents at the Kidapawan City Hospital to add to the three existing tents as several hospitals were damaged by a series of earthquakes in Mindanao and temporarily stopped their operation.

The two medical tents with a size of 6x12 meters each have insulated ceilings with 10 double decker beds and were installed by PRC North Cotabato Chapter volunteers and staff near the said hospital.  These air-conditioned medical tents complement the 2 sets of 6x6 meter tents, a 6x9 meter tent, 20 cot beds, and a generator set up earlier in Kidapawan City.

“Health is essential.  To avoid possible disease outbreaks, we really have to extend medical assistance such as these air-conditioned medical tents to ensure that patients are comfortable while recuperating from sickness,” said PRC Chairman  Richard Gordon.

Mayor Joseph Evangelista of Kidapawan City expressed his deepest gratitude to the Philippine Red Cross, especially, to Chairman Gordon who visited Kidapawan with PRC, IFRC and ICRC officials on November 24.

Right after his visit, Chairman Gordon immediately called for additional tents to be set up in Kidapawan to avoid the spread of diseases in the area caused by sharing of beds and overcrowding in the hospitals.

water bladders with two water treatment units are augmenting the water supply of affected areas in North Cotabato and Davao del Sur.  Hygiene promotion sessions were conducted to 9,854 individuals while child friendly space activities were organized to serve 3,125 children in evacuation centers.

More than a month since the series of powerful tremors shook Mindanao, even when the world no longer watches, the Philippine Red Cross is still there—committed in uplifting human dignity.