Quezon prov'l board now has opposition block

July 05, 2020

LUCENA CITY — An opposition group is about to be formed at the Quezon provincial legislative board with the resignation of its majority floor leader that triggered a reorganization in the chamber.

During its regular session on Friday, Board Member and Majority leader Isaias Ubana formally resigned from his post and even stripped himself of his two committees - Ways and Means and Laws, rules and regulations.

His colleague in the district, BM Roderick Magbuhos followed suit with his move to give up also his two committees - Public works and Peace and order.

Both Ubana and Mahbuhos declared themselves as constituting the new Minority party in the board and dared any of their colleagues to join them.

They did not give concrete reasons on their sudden resignation and decision to form a minority group in the board.

With the duo giving up their vital committees, Board Presiding Officer, Vice Governor Samuel Nantes has declared vacant all 27 board committee chairmanships to pave the way for a total reorganization next Friday.

Nantes decided to make the complete reorganization in the next regular session on Friday and it was unanimously agreed by the board members.

With the reorganization and formation of opposition group in the board, rumors have it that more board members would eventually join it.