Where are they?

BEIJING — China’s claim that “most” inmates have been released from re-education camps in its Xinjiang region has been met with anger and skepticism by the Uighur diaspora which has launched a social media campaign challenging Beijing to prove it.

Clash of titans

BANGKOK — The US-China rivalry is set to be sharpened at a Bangkok summit that opened Wednesday, with Washington’s top diplomat primed to insist his nation remains a key Asia-Pacific power in the face of Beijing’s military ambitions in contested seas and airspace.

‘Doomed’ activists

LAOS, LAOS — Taking turns to keep watch at their hideout in Laos, the four members of the self-exiled Thai activist folk band “Faiyen” believe they are on a hit-list like eight fellow dissidents who have already disappeared.

US, Iran tensions

The latest incidents came as President Donald Trump insisted Friday that the US military had downed an Iranian drone that was threatening an American naval vessel in the Strait of Hormuz — through which nearly a third of the world’s oil is transported — despite denials from Tehran.

'One giant leap'

CAPE CANAVERAL — Fifty years after a mighty rocket set off from Florida carrying the first humans to the Moon, a veteran of the Apollo 11 crew returned to its fabled launch pad Tuesday to commemorate “one giant leap” that became a defining moment in human history.