Incredible mission

December 12, 2019
The survivors’ injuries were so severe New Zealand doctors initially estimated they would need to import 1.2 million square centimetres (185,000 square inches) of skin for grafts — although some victims are now being moved overseas to ease the strain on hospitals.

The brawler

December 11, 2019
The billionaire real estate dealer is shown losing to nearly every one of the multitude of Democrats scrambling to take him on. Even Pete Buttigieg, an Indiana small city mayor whose name most Americans couldn’t pronounce a couple of months ago, is shown beating Trump if the elections were held today.

Action now

December 07, 2019
MADRID -- Thousands of activists from around the world including Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg hit the streets of Madrid on Friday to demand urgent action on the climate crisis from world leaders attending the COP25 summit in the Spanish capital.

Wedding bells on hold for HK protester, cop

December 04, 2019
HONG KONG — The venue is reserved, the wedding rings custom-made and the search for the dress has begun. But Hong Kong protester May’s nuptials are on hold because her friends oppose her marrying a policeman.Six months of unprecedented protests in Hong Kong against eroding freedoms under Chinese rule have divided the city’s population.

Terror attack

November 30, 2019
LONDON — A man suspected of stabbing two people to death in a terror attack on London Bridge was a former prisoner convicted of terrorism offences and released last year, police said Saturday.

Hong kong ‘savior’

November 23, 2019
WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump said Friday he had saved Hong Kong from being destroyed by persuading Chinese President Xi Jinping to hold off on sending in troops to crush its pro-democracy movement.