Dovish Trump

TOKYO — President Donald Trump Monday hailed a “great respect” between the US and nuclear-armed North Korea, as he also held out the possibility of talks with Iran, stressing he did not want “terrible things” to happen.

Nuclear Pacific

MAJURO, Marshall Islands — As nuclear explosions go, the US “Cactus” bomb test in May 1958 was relatively small — but it has left a lasting legacy for the Marshall Islands in a dome-shaped radioactive dump.

The question

“If Julian Assange is convicted... the concern is that there will be no meaningful principle to distinguish the rejection of the First Amendment argument for him from the application of the First Amendment defense to the mainstream media,” explains Mary-Rose Papandrea, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law.

War of words

It was the second straight day of a very public war of words between Trump and the speaker of the House of Representatives, who earlier questioned the president’s mental fitness for office and expressed hope that those close to Trump would stage an intervention “for the good of the country.”

Post-poll crisis

The streets of the capital were relatively quiet Thursday with police and military personnel keeping a close watch on the heart of the city, including the election supervisory agency building — the centre of much of the violence — and the presidential palace amid fears of more unrest.

Widodo again

JAKARTA — Thousands of soldiers fanned out across Jakarta on Tuesday after the surprise early announcement of official results in Indonesia’s election showed Joko Widodo re-elected leader of the world’s third-biggest democracy.