Trump vs ISIS

February 07, 2019
WASHINGTON -- The United States promised Wednesday to stay focused on permanently destroying the Islamic State group but asked concerned allies to contribute more, as President Donald Trump boasted that the extremists will soon have lost all their territory in Syria.

‘Disunited’ States

February 06, 2019
On foreign policy, Trump reaffirmed his determination to get US troops out of Afghanistan and Syria as quickly as possible. And he announced he would extend his trailblazing personal diplomacy with North Korea by meeting reclusive leader Kim Jong Un on February 27-28 in Vietnam.

For migrants

February 05, 2019
ABU DHABI — Pope Francis arrived at an Abu Dhabi sports stadium Tuesday to hold a public mass for an estimated 170,000 Catholics on the first ever papal visit to the Muslim Gulf.

Missile 'war'

February 02, 2019
“Our American partners have announced they are suspending their participation in the deal, and we are also suspending our participation,” he said of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.