Fake news vs fact in online battle for truth

December 15, 2018
Some studies even suggest that, as partisanship has risen, more people are willing to believe falsehoods. One 2017 survey, for example, showed 51 percent of Republicans still believed that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, despite the hoax having been debunked.

Macron’s headache

December 08, 2018
PARIS -- The French government has pledged a range of measures to end weeks of demonstrations over taxes and declining standards of living. But who exactly makes up the “yellow vest” movement, and will the government be able to quell their anger after a month of increasingly fiery protests?

Under siege

December 07, 2018
This week, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, warned that the global system “that gave teeth to the vision of the Universal Declaration is being chipped away by governments and politicians increasingly focused on narrow, nationalist interests.”

Big question

December 04, 2018
WASHINGTON -- The United States said Monday it will need to see “something concrete” from China in the next 90 days to build a real agreement on trade, two days after Donald Trump and Xi Jinping called a truce in the escalating confrontation between the two economic powerhouses.

After euphoria, Asian markets slip

December 04, 2018
However, oil prices continued to rise, building on Monday’s surge fuelled by the agreement as well as news of a Russia-Saudi Arabia pact to cap output.Global investors were given some much-needed Christmas cheer at the weekend after Donald Trump and Xi Jinping called a halt to their painful tariffs battle for 90 days while they try to resolve their differences.

America mourns George H.W. Bush

December 02, 2018
COLLEGE STATION, United States -- Flags flew at half-staff across the United States on Saturday as Americans prepared for a week of solemn tributes to George H.W. Bush, in his home state of Texas and in the US Capitol, a day after the former president died aged 94.