4 saved in ‘prosti’ joint raid

SAN JOSE CITY — Police anti-trafficking operatives and members of the city social welfare and business licensing offices raided a suspected prostitution joint masquerading as a videoke bar last weekend and arrested the alleged owner and a female cashier who allegedly received the payoff money in exchange for paid sex of one of four rescued girls allegedly employed as guest relations officers of said night club here.

Bong Go aids Davao fire victims

August 19, 2019
DURING the Kadayawan Festival weekend, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go took time to extend financial and relief assistance to families and individuals whose houses were razed down by a fire incident recently.

End of love affair?

WASHINGTON — Last month after Donald Trump watched Fox News lob what he called “softball questions” at a Democratic lawmaker, the US president delivered a crisp smackdown of his favorite network: “Fox sure ain’t what it used to be.”