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Nexon launches the first half of Kivotos Halo Festival

Kivotos Halo Festival


  • The story of the biennial athletic event “Kivotos Halo Festival” unfolds
  • Three new students are coming as well, including Utaha (Cheer Squad), Hibiki (Cheer Squad) and Noa
  • Blue Archive 1.5-Year Anniversary Festival” announcement via special livestream before the anniversary

On Wednesday, March 29, NEXON Korea Corp. (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) announced the latest Event Story, “ON YOUR MARK @ Millennium Kivotos Halo Festival” for the subculture game Blue Archive, developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games (CEO: Yong-Hyun Park).

The Kivotos Halo Festival is a major athletic event held every two years. In this event story, players can see how the students overcome unexpected accidents the day before the opening ceremony. An event-only Lesson, “Stadium,” was also added. Players can collect points by completing event stories and redeem them for various rewards, including Hibiki (Cheer Squad)’s Eleph.

Three new students have also been introduced. Utaha (Cheer Squad) is a Mystic type Striker from Millennium Science School whose EX skill strengthens her turrets for 90 seconds and changes the activation conditions of her basic skills. Noa, a Mystic-type Striker also from Millennium, has an EX Skill that draws focus on the designated enemy for 40 seconds and reduces their defense. Hibiki (Cheer Squad), obtainable through the event, is an Explosive-type striker whose EX move deals damage proportional to attack to enemies in a circular area and deals additional damage over time proportional to her attack for 120 seconds.

The Halo Festival Grand Opening Login Bonus is also launching. Players who log in to the game by Tuesday, April 11 will receive 100 Pyroxenes daily; On the seventh day, they will receive the SSR-grade furniture Field Day Trophy Case as a reward. In addition, the Kivotos Halo Festival Cheer Practice will take place in-game until Friday, April 14. Players who complete the mission by clicking “Pom Pom” 35 times within 20 seconds will receive various rewards including 600 Pyroxenes, five Artifact Choice Ticket four and 10 Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Tickets.

Nexon also held a special live broadcast “Go! Go! Kivotos!” on its official YouTube channel on Friday, March 24 ahead of the 1.5-Year Anniversary of Blue Archive. During the broadcast, the developers released a behind-the-scenes video of the update and announced the launch of a KakaoTalk emoji. At the same time, they also announced the upcoming Blue Archive 1.5-Year Anniversary Festival, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday, May 20 and has received a lot of attention from its players.

Details regarding the event story update can be viewed in the official community and the “Kivotos Halo Festival” event page.

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  • Blue Archive Official Discord: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Twitter: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Facebook: [LINK]

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