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Nexon launches update for Blue Archive event story: “Business Trip! Momoyodou”

Blue Archive Business Trip

Check out the new Event Story and earn rewards from the new Conquest content
See what happens to Momoyodou as the team is embroiled in a plot to ruin their summer beach vacation.
Get four new students, including Hoshino (Swimsuit) and Shizuko (Swimsuit)
Get 10 Free Recruitments from Feb. 5-13

SEOUL – Feb. 1, 2023 – On Feb. 1, NEXON Korea Corp. (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) announced the latest Event Story, “Business Trip! Momoyodou,” for the subculture game Blue Archive developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games (CEO: Yong-Hyun Park).

Players can complete new Conquest content to earn growth currencies, Pyroxene and other rewards. They can also join the students of Momoyodou on their summer beach vacation as they find themselves at the center of a nefarious plot, battling to survive.

Blue Archive is also adding four new students. Hoshino (Swimsuit) from the Abydos Academy, available from Fest Recruitment, is an Explosive Striker whose EX skill both increases the ATK of allies within range of her and grants an Explosive Effectiveness buff. During the event, players can also recruit Shizuko (Swimsuit), a Mystic Special whose EX Skill moves four allies within a circular range to a designated location and grants them a Shield proportional to her Healing.

Chise (Swimsuit) from the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy is a Mystic Striker that alternately fires grenades at three enemies with her EX Skill. The grenades deal damage to enemies in a circular range of the target and Stuns them, dealing additional damage to the enemy proportional to her ATK if they are already under a CC effect. Izuna of the same academy is a Mystic Striker whose EX Skill deals damage proportional to her ATK to a single enemy. It also concentrates her attacks on the designated target for 30 seconds.

Additionally, Nexon will be hosting a Free Recruitment x100 Campaign from Sunday, Feb. 5 through Monday, Feb. 13 to celebrate the update. Players who log in every day will get a 10-Free Recruitment and a special 20-Free Recruitment on Monday, Feb. 13. Players who log in for seven days during Arona’s Special Bonus! Login Campaign can also get Pyroxene x200 and Hoshino (Swimsuit)’s interactive Beachside Water Floaty furniture. But that’s not all: If a total of 500,000 people pre-register, participants will also get Pyroxene x 1,200, Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Ticket, Advanced Activity Report, various growth currencies, and 10-Free Recruitment Ticket. Players also shouldn’t miss the Triple Rewards Campaign from Tuesday, Jan. 31 through Tuesday, Feb. 28, so they can get triple the rewards from Bounty and Scrimmage.

Visit the official community for details about the Event Story “Business Trip! Momoyodou” and the rest of the update.

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