Clockwork Flower Pavane


  • Players can hear Rio’s shocking revelation and join the Game Development Department as they overcome the latest crisis
  • The Fortress City of Eridu Infiltration Task event is underway with a 1,200 Pyroxene reward available
  • Two new trailers featuring students revealed on the official Blue Archive YouTube channel

NEXON Korea Corp. (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) announced on Wednesday, May 24, the next chapter of Blue Archive’s, main story: “Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half),” developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games (CEO: Yong-Hyun Park).

In this story, Rio, the Student Council President of Millennium, visits the Game Development Department to deliver a shocking revelation. Players can join the department members, including Aris and Momoi, as they handle the inevitable crisis that follows.

Meanwhile, a brand-new student Himari, the latest Millennium Science School student, arrived on Tuesday, May 16. A Piercing-type Special Student, Himari’s EX Skill, Hah! Look What I’m Made Of!, can increase the ATK of one ally for 13 seconds.

Alongside the story, the Fortress City of Eridu Infiltration Task event will also be available. Until Tuesday, June 20, players who complete tasks for the Main Story, Lessons, and Scrimmages can earn rewards like AMAS Debris, new character Himari’s Interactive Furniture, Superior Artifacts and Superior Activity Reports. Players can also receive 1,200 Pyroxenes by collecting 100 AMAS Debris.

To celebrate the Main Story update, Nexon released two new trailers on its official YouTube channel. The videos show the daily lives of students from the Game Development Department, including Momoi, Midori and various scenes from the main story, such as Neru’s thrilling chase atop a skyscraper and Ari’s encounter with an unexpected turn of events.

For more information about “Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavade Ch.2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half),” please visit official Blue Archive communities.

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