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Nexon’s KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! released an update featuring ‘Mel,’ a lightning spirit awakened after being sealed away

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Mel the Lightning Girl

The new character, “Mel,” is a mischievous girl who is inexperienced with the ways of the world

To celebrate the release of “Mel,” Two Character Recruits, Raid Events, and more will be available

SEOUL – Oct. 24, 2022 – NEXON Korea Corp (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) announced an update featuring ‘Mel’ as a new character for the mobile gacha RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!.

‘Mel’ is a mischievous and inexperienced lightning spirit who was recently awakened after being sealed away long ago. Despite her keen interest in making new friends, her habit of pulling ridiculous pranks drives away most of the people she meets.

Mel’s Super, ‘Spirit Javelin’, inflicts critical normal physical damage to all enemies in battle.

Celebrating the addition of this new character, Nexon will host the “Mel Joins the Battle! Lightning Girl Recruit” event until Wednesday, Nov. 2, where the “4★ Mel (Spirit Power)” and ‘3★ Mel (Warm Welcome)’ characters can be obtained. A 10x Recruit will be available at ‘Mel Joins the Battle! Special Set Recruit’ with Paid Quartz.

Additionally, players can receive abundant rewards by clearing “NORMAL” Main Quests, which will yield double the items until Friday, Oct. 28, while clearing “NORMAL” and “HARD” Main Quests will yield double the amount of “Affinity Points” until Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Furthermore, if players participate in the “Raid Event” by Nov. 1 and defeat the Event Boss 10 times, they can obtain the “3★ Mel (Excuse Me)” character.

Further details regarding the “Mel” update can be found through the official KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! forum.

Official KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! Forum: [Go Now]

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