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No more covid vaccinations in Manila on weekends – Mayor Honey

Honey Lacuna
Mayor Honey Lacuna announced that vaccinations against COVID-19 will no longer be done in Manila during weekends although it will continue on weekdays in city hospitals, health centers and designated malls. (JERRY S. TAN)

MANILA Mayor Honey Lacuna announced that anti-COVID vaccinations will no longer be done in the city-run hospitals during weekends.

Lacuna said that beginning October 28, hospital vaccinations during weekends will cease operations in order to provide health care workers ample time to resume their normal daily operations in the hospitals where they are originally assigned.

The mayor assured though, that the schedule of vaccination on the four designated shopping malls, six district hospitals and 44 health centers will continue to be made available during weekdays.

She announced that as of October 28, 2022, the total vaccines that had been administered has already reached 3,830,266.

According to her, the city of Manila has long exceeded the target number of eligible population that needed to be vaccinated, as she continued to urge those who have not been vaccinated or boosted to already take the shots.

Lacuna said that while the number of persons getting infected with COVID-19 and the positivity rate of those being swabbed for free in the city are decreasing, there is no reason to relax since COVID is still present.

Citing reports, Lacuna also said that the occupancy rate in the city’s six hospitals is only six percent and that all of them are only mild to moderate cases.

The mayor said that in the past two weeks, the city registered a low positivity rate wherein only 52 tested positive which is 3.73 percent out of the total number of individuals who took the RT-PCR test.

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