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NOLCOM AFP, Strengthens Commitment to Support DepEd CAR’s Quality Education

CRSAFP visits with DepEd CAR
1st Civil Relations Group, CRSAFP visits with DepEd CAR Regional Director Estela P Leon-Cariño on 26 Jan 2024 at DepEd CAR Regional Office.

Camp Allen, Baguio City, Feb, 09, 2024 – The recent visit of the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) AFP through the 1st Civil Relations Group, CRSAFP, with the Department of Education (DepEd) Cordillera and PROCOR’s Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15 has revitalized the existing partnership and collaboration between the AFP and the education sector in the Cordillera Region for the advancement of quality education in the region.

During a productive dialogue with DEPEd Cordillera Regional Director, Estela P Leon-Cariño, the importance of working together to address educational challenges in the Cordillera was emphasized. Both agencies share a common commitment to providing quality education and a safe, conducive learning environment for learners, especially in remote communities.

Evidence of the reinforced collaboration is the recently conducted “Project UniVISITy Career Guidance Program” at Lindawan National High School, Barangay Lucnab, Baguio City, on February 5, 2024. This program, initiated by NOLCOM AFP, focuses on the role of youth in nation-building and potential career paths in the uniformed services. Similar activities will be conducted in all senior high schools in Baguio City as part of their career guidance program for the school year.

CRSAFP visits with DepEd CAR
1st Civil Relations Group, CRSAFP visits with DICT, CAR Regional Director Reynaldo Sy on 06 Feb 2024 at DICT CAR Regional Office and discussed partnership on the ‘Project Konekta’ of the Unit.

Furthermore, outreach programs, including providing educational materials to last-mile schools in Tuba, Benguet—such as Indaoac and Andolor Elementary School—were conducted and supported by various private stakeholders, highlighting the holistic approach of the government to peace and development.

The outreach and visit to these far-flung schools provided an opportunity for NOLCOM AFP to gain insights into the needs and priorities of these schools, considering that NOLCOM AFP was tapped by the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) Cordillera, led by Regional Director Reynaldo Sy, for the installation of free wifi programs in communities, as well as to identify communities and schools lacking internet connections to address the “Digital Divide.”

Meanwhile, NOLCOM Commander, LtGen Fernyl G. Buca PAF, expressed gratitude to DepED Cordillera and the academic institutions for welcoming the AFP to their grounds and for the collaborations and opportunities to support the educational journey of CAR’s learners.

“The warm welcome extended to the AFP in your educational community reflects the spirit of cooperation and collective dedication to nurturing the youth, our future leaders, and the hope of the nation,” stated the NOLCOM Commander.

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