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NOLCOM elevates troop readiness with Aikido martial arts training

Camp Aquino, Tarlac City – The Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) formally launched an Aikido Martial Arts training program on August 28, 2023, at Camp Aquino in Tarlac City, marking a significant stride in enhancing the readiness of troops facing unarmed combat situations.

According to LTGEN FERNYL G BUCA PAF, the Commander of NOLCOM (COMNOLCOM) that, “The training aims to equip soldiers from both NOLCOM and its tenant units with crucial skills to fend off threats when traditional weaponry is not an option, particularly in scenarios where they operate beyond the secure confines of military bases. The meticulously crafted program which will be taught by Mr. Primo Arbon Jr. III, a renowned Aikido instructor, is broken in to two critical courses: the Basic Aikido Course, the Advanced Aikido Course, and a specialized Aikido Integrated Course tailored for instructors”.

Soldier-participants will dive headfirst into an immersive experience, mastering a diverse array of Aikido maneuvers. From “Practical Maneuvers” designed for real-world situations to the finesse of “Elusive Maneuvers,” they will acquire a comprehensive toolkit to respond effectively to diverse challenges.

COMNOLCOM emphasized the essence of this endeavor, stating, “Through the implementation of the Aikido Martial Arts training, NOLCOM furthers its commitment to the holistic preparedness and personal development of our personnel to becoming a jointly-engaged, Sustainment-Maintained, and Readiness-Trained Force”.

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art focused on harmony and non-violence, Aikido practitioners aim to neutralize aggression while promoting personal development through disciplined training in techniques that prioritize leverage, timing, and balance.

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