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NOLCOM ensures safety during holy week


Camp Aquino, Tarlac City – As the Lenten season approaches, the Northern Luzon Command Armed Forces of the Philippines (NOLCOM AFP), through the leadership of LTGEN FERNYL G BUCA PAF, will continue to implement appropriate security measures to fully secure Central and North Luzon during the Holy Week.

LTGEN BUCA, Commander of NOLCOM, directed all Joint Task Forces under his command to deploy troops to thwart any terrorist attempts during the Lenten season. The Commander further directed his units to coordinate with the police, Coast Guard, the transportation department, and other agencies to ensure the safety of the public.

While NOLCOM is exerting more security effort to protect the people of Central and North Luzon against all forms of threats, the military official said that the help of the public in foiling lawless elements is always welcome.

“We welcome the help of our civilians and the community against the peace spoilers. We call on our people to be part of the security net to report any move by criminals and terrorists during this season,” LTGEN BUCA said.

LTGEN BUCA appeals to everyone to take precautionary measures and be vigilant at churches, shopping centers, transport hubs, and other crowded public places.

Despite the solidarity in remembering this religious event, NOLCOM soldiers do not lose their unrelenting service and fulfillment in the performance of their sworn duties.

This is proof that the practice of faith among the soldiers of NOLCOM has never been a hindrance to the fulfillment of their mission to the country. Rather, it serves as a weapon and shield for the soldiers to be safe from any danger and to provide endless service for the beloved nation.

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