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On International Women’s Day, TUCP reiterates call on PBBM to ratify ILO C-190 and for senate to concur on ratification

ILO C190

Today on March 8, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. For the welfare of millions of Filipino workers here and abroad, especially women, as shown by the long list of abuses and brutal killings of Jullebee Ranara, Jeanelyn Villavende, and Joana Demapilis, among the many victims, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) once again strongly urges His Excellency President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., to immediately ratify ILO Convention No. 190 or Violence and Harassment Convention of 2019 and for the Senate to concur on the ratification.

The TUCP’s call for ratification of ILO C-190 came on the heels of the adoption by the House of Representatives of House Resolution No. 650, which calls for the immediate ratification of ILO C190 on 25 January 2023. House Resolution No. 650 is the consolidated version of House Resolution No. 32 filed by House Deputy Speaker Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza (TUCP Party-list), House Resolution No. 85 by Rep. Maria Rachel J. Arenas, and House Resolution No. 271 by Rep. Arlene D. Brosas et al.

“The passage of House Resolution No. 650, which I principally authored, is the clearest expression of the House of Representatives’ strong resolve to ensure a world of work free from violence and harassment, and to embed this in our way of life as a nation that we will never condone any form of violence,” underscored Deputy Speaker Mendoza.

ILO C-190 is the first-ever global treaty that seeks to counter and put an end to all forms of violence and harassment confronted by all types of workers. It also covers all workplaces, both private and public sectors, formal and informal economy, and urban and rural areas in the same way that it covers the entirety of the world of work wherein violence and harassment may be occurring in the course of, or linked with, or arising out of work.

“When violence and harassment in work occur and proliferate, worker morale plummets and results in reduced productivity and profitability of businesses. We need to end this scourge now more than ever before to holistically promote the welfare of job applicants, employees, and as well as employers. ILO C-190 will serve as a deterrent and precautionary measure whose comprehensiveness frees it from ambiguity and loose interpretation and implementation. It will ensure that indeed violence, harassment, and abuse have no place in a decent society such as ours under the modern and modernizing presidency of President Marcos,” explained TUCP Vice President Luis Corral.

“By being one of the trailblazers that first ratified ILO C-190, the Philippines will become a global leader and model nation that other countries should emulate. Early ratifications would allow other countries to follow suit, ensuring a minimum level of security for the millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who have been vulnerable to abuse and harassment in their respective host countries for all these years and which has been highlighted by the recent unfortunate incidents and deaths of our hard-working kababayan,” added Corral.

“Ratifying ILO C-190 will further establish the resolve of President Marcos to blaze new trails that the nations of the world will admire and emulate. It will signal that our labor relations and economic programs are promoting a race-to-the-top, hence making our nation more attractive for foreign direct investments (FDIs). After all, good human rights and labor rights is good economics,” emphasized Deputy Speaker Mendoza.

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