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OSG website hacker gets stern warning

THE website of the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) was hacked last Tuesday.

The hacker, which identified itself as Phantom Troupe, left the message “Stop blackmailing the NTC! Give ABS-CBN provisional authority” on the OSG site.

On Thursday, the OSG vowed to file charges against individuals or institutions behind the incident.

“The OSG will see to it that the individuals and institutions behind this act will be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law,” the OSG said in a statement.

It stressed that computer hacking is punishable under the Cybercrime Law and carries a maximum prison term of 12 years and fine commensurate to the damage done.

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“This attack against the confidentiality, integrity, availability of computer data and systems of the OSG is a criminal offense under the Cybercrime Law. Any person found guilty shall be punished with up to 12 years in imprisonment or a fine up to maximum amount commensurate to the damage incurred or both,” the OSG said.

“The OSG would like to assure the public that this incident is being taken care (of) seriously. We have augmented our secuirty measures as we assess and investigate the matter. We have also engaged the assistance of the intelligence and investigation agencies of the government in identifying the individuals and institutions responsible for this malicious act,” it continued.

Last February 10, Solicitor General Jose Calida asked the Supreme Court to nullify the franchise of television giant ABC-CBN. A quo warranto petition was filed against ABS-CBN Corporation and its subsidiary, ABS-CBN Convergence Inc

The network later lost its franchise after the House of Representatives decided against renewing it.

Publication Source :    People's Journal
Hector Lawas
Court reporter for more than 20 years