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OTS chief hit for removing airport press corps member from Viber group

Office for Transportation Security (OTS)

Members of the Airport Press Club (APC) chided the outright removal of its member Froilan Morallos from the viber group of the APC and OTS (Office for Transportation Security) when the latter texted a criticism against the OTS owing to the long lines being caused by the shoe removal policy at the airports.

It will be noted that OTS chief Ma.O. Aplasca himself directed the removal of Moralles from the said group and his spokesperson Kim Alyssa Marquez deleted Moralles just as quickly.

Prior to that, some members of the group were talking about the long lines at the NAIA terminals these past few days, after the OTS decided to revive the old ‘shoe removal policy.’

Morallos said: ‘hindi maaalis ang mahabang pila ng mga pasahero sa airport dahil sa pagaka-inutil ng mga tauhan ng immigration at OTS,’ to which Aplasca himself commented: “Kim pakialis nga dito sa group natin ito Bastos na tao. Not deserving to be part of these professional media. ” Marquez repllied, “Yes po Sir” and then removed Morallos from the chat group.

APC members who felt slighted by what Aplasca and Marquez did to their colleague left the Viber group one after another in protest.

They noted that the situation should have been handled in a more professional way, either by calling out Morallos first through private message or on the same Viber group, or talking to APC President Ariel Fernandez about it. Better yet, they noted that Aplasca should have stated his side to convince Morallos that his impression about OTS was wrong as apparently, Aplasca felt.

The APC members said while Aplasca branded Morallos as ‘bastos’, the move to suddenly remove Morallos for being critical of OTS was also rude and could be taken as a message that no media member can criticize the OTS.

The disgruntled APC members also chided Marquez for not even trying to dissuade Aplasca from being onion-skinned or handling the situation herself first.

The group noted that no one from the APC, Morallos included, asked to be included in the said Viber group which only serves the purpose of being the vehicle where OTS can send their press releases that are all favorable to tit.

Morallos, they added, is among those who have been accomodating the OTS press releases without expecting anything in return and who had been fair at a time when OTS got hit left and right in the media due to issues of extortion complaints and loss of items from passengers.

These include a video of OTS personnel mulcting money from a departing passenger that even went viral on social media.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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