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Out of the Game: Common Triggers for an Online Casino to Ban You

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We all know that the top casino online operators aim to attract and retain players. The competition in online gambling is tough, and operators pull all the stops to motivate players to deposit, play and remain on site. However, there are instances, too, when casinos suspend or restrict players’ accounts or, worse, ban players from accessing the site and its games. It’s one of the most frustrating and costly things that can happen to any casino player online. Just imagine getting notified that you’re locked out of your account, taking you out of the game and potentially losing your accumulated bonuses and winnings!

If your casino account gets blocked or banned, it’s best to know why. There are several reasons why a gambling site locks your account or even restricts you from accessing the site and playing games. The sooner you know the reasons, the quicker you’ll find solutions or options to help you start playing again. So, read on, and discover the common triggers for an online casino to ban you!

Underage Gambling

Like gambling in physical casinos, betting online requires you to be of legal age to register and wager in real money. Remember, the online sites are registered and licensed, which means they must comply with the terms of the license, including the promotion of players’ welfare and prohibition of underage gambling. In many Asian countries, including India and the Philippines, the minimum age is 21, but it’s 18 in some European countries, including the United Kingdom.

It’s the primary requirement of casino sites which you can find on its registration page and T&Cs. And if you somehow find a workaround, such as submitting fake info or using VPN, and are found out, your account will be closed, and winnings can be forfeited.

Online Cheating

Physical casinos have multiple CCTV cameras and security personnel trained to observe and find dodgy behaviour. Running a casino is a business; operators exhaust all means to prevent cheating and protect their welfare. They instantly call out players or ban them if they notice suspicious activities. Online casinos, on the other hand, rely on sophisticated anti-cheat systems and software that tracks players’ actions and flag accounts for potentially cheating.

Sometimes, cheating doesn’t just result in account suspension; it can also lead to criminal charges, like what this Norwalk man found out after defrauding DraftKings in the United States.

Violation of the Casino’s T&C

All casinos have a Terms and Conditions or T&C section that ensures a safe, fair, and transparent gambling environment. Here, you’ll find a list of your rights and responsibilities as a player. Also it sums up the operator’s rights. For example, this section explains the account requirements, who can play, and rules on using the services, particularly bonuses and promos. Failure to follow these rules results in account suspension or, worse, a permanent ban on the player. We recommend reading the site’s T&Cs before signing up or making the first deposit.

Abusing the casino’s bonuses is a popular example of violating the site’s T&C. There are some instances when some players register multiple accounts to exploit the casino’s promos, including signup bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses. If you create multiple accounts and take advantage of bonuses, you may not just get banned since you’re potentially committing identity theft.

Casinos are strict with bonus use and abuse, and it’s often expressed in most T&Cs that an offer is available only to a single person from the same IP address, household, and email.

Staying in the Game, Responsibly

Just because your account is restricted doesn’t mean that it’s permanent. If you can comply with the operator’s rules and follow its T&Cs, you may be able to access your account and resume playing. Also, if you know the reasons for your account suspension, you can avoid these the next time and prevent suspensions in the future.

But getting banned is an entirely different ballgame, as it takes you away from the game and the site.

If it happens, talk with support service. The best online casinos will often boast a transparent complaint process and often partner with an independent adjudication body. If you’re at fault, you can offer an apology and promise to comply with its T&Cs. While rules can be restrictive, they’re part of the policies necessary for promoting a fair, transparent, and secure gambling environment.

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