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P5-K cash aid to retrenched CV workers

CEBU CITY – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 7 (Central Visayas) announced that formal sector workers in the region who had been laid off could apply online for a one-time cash aid of P5,000 under the department’s coronavirus disease 2019 Adjustment Measures Program – Bayanihan 2.

“There is no need for the applicants to email to us their applications anymore. Once at the website, all they have to do is select the specific transaction in the Apply for Camp Financial Assistance section,” DoLE-7 Director Salome Siaton said.

Siaton said applicants would have to access www.reports.dole.gov.ph and encode their applications.

Establishments and firms accredited by the Department of Tourism and displaced and temporarily laid-off workers could apply for the cash aid.

Private companies eligible to join the program are those that have retrenched their workforce or have implemented temporary or permanent closure due to the pandemic, including those who are in contracting/subcontracting agreements and centralized human resource/payroll systems.

Workers who were retrenched and temporarily laid-off due to authorized causes can apply individually subject to the submission of documentary requirements.

“Applicants will be provided with a tracking number to check (the) status of their application through https://reports.dole.gov.ph/. This time, tracking the progress of their application is made easier. They don’t even have to call the DOLE anymore but just log in to the website,” Siaton said.

She said the priority of the CAMP-Bayanihan 2 are the micro, small and medium enterprises, including those not categorized as one that applied for CAMP on or before April 15, 2020 but did not receive any financial assistance under Bayanihan 1.

“We will also be giving preference to the MSMEs that will apply for the first time under Bayanihan 2 and the other private establishments that are not categorized as MSMEs that will apply for the first time under Bayanihan 2,” Siaton said.

The DoLE-7 disbursed more than P158 million for CAMP-Bayanihan 1, benefiting a total of 31,618 workers in Central Visayas.