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PAL, CEB advise passengers re extended ban

DUE to the new COVID-19 variant, the Philippine government has extended the temporary ban for foreign nationals until January 31, 2021.

During this period, only Filipino citizens will be accepted on flights from Dubai, Hong Kong, Nagoya (Japan), Singapore, and Seoul (South Korea).

Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing Candice Iyog said it will not accept foreign nationals who originated from, transited via, or visited within 14 days prior to arrival in the Philippines, any of the over 30 countries specified by the IATF. The list of affected countries and complete details may be viewed here: http://bit.ly/IATFResoNo94_011521

Thus, passengers affected by the temporary ban may avail of any of the following options through bit.ly/CEBmanageflight : free rebooking within 90 days – waived rebooking fee and fare difference ; full travel fund, valid for two years or full refund.

In compliance with IATF regulations, Filipinos who wish to proceed with their travel plans will be subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine at an accredited facility upon arrival in Manila.

Iyog said CEB will continue to operate its domestic and international flights as scheduled. Before going to the airport, passengers are advised to check the real-time status of flights on our website: bit.ly/CEBFlightStatusCheck

A complete list of operational flights, along with travel requirements, safety protocols, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) may be viewed here: bit.ly/CEBFlightReminders

CEB, she added, will continue to work closely with the authorities and will provide updates through our website and official social media accounts as necessary.

For other questions or concerns, passengers may send a message  via  Charlie the chatbot on the Cebu Pacific website or through https://bit.ly/CEBrequest


The country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL), on the other hand, said Filipino citizens originating from or who had traveled to any of the specified countries within 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival in the Philippines shall be accepted on PAL flights to the Philippines, but will be subjected to additional screening.

“Please note that the United Arab Emirates and Hungary are now covered by travel restrictions for inbound travel to the Philippines, effective 12:01 a.m. January 17 up to January 31, 2021,” said PAL spokesperson Ma. Cielo Villaluna.

The inclusion of the UAE and Hungary brings to 35 the total number of countries or regions with identified cases of the COVID-19 variant, hence the travel restrictions.

Makati City Pabakuna

All arriving passengers will be subjected to mandatory RT-PCR testing-on-arrival. Passengers from the flagged 35 countries will receive duplicate swabbing. The first specimen will be used for RTPCR testing while the second specimen will be submitted for genome sequencing.

For OFWs, swab testing will be carried out by the government One Stop Shop, free of charge. OFWs are to proceed to the OWWA Desk and will be assigned a quarantine facility designated by the Philippine government, free of charge.

For non-OFWs and eligible non-Filipinos, swab testing will be carried out by the PAL One Stop Shop for a one-time fee of P4,000. (Discounts for senior citizens and PWDs apply). They may proceed to the DOT desk where they will be assigned a quarantine facility designated by the Philippine government, subject to availability of accommodation.

In cases where hotels designated by the Philippine government are at full capacity, travelers must prepare to shoulder their accommodation in one of the hotels suitable for the 14-day stringent quarantine.

PAL shall not be liable for the unavailability of government-provided hotel accommodation or for any and all hotel accommodation costs incurred or to be incurred by travelers in compliance with the 14-day mandatory quarantine.

After arranging your hotel and transportation, fill out the Affidavit of Undertaking and ensure that this has been signed or stamped by the hotel verifier.

Villa Luna said passengers who cannot take their flight to the Philippines because of these temporary bans may rebook their flights with rebooking service fees waived, convert their ticket to a

travel voucher or avail of a refund.

Passengers who are still eligible to enter the country but choose not to push through with their flight may voluntarily change their bookings subject to the rules of their ticket and following the “No-Worry Flight Fare Brand”. Passenger options can be viewed at https://bit.ly/PALPassengerOption and for updates, one may visit PAL’s Facebook Page and PAL Website.


Jokjok (from Jonah Dominguez of Sugartowne, Quezon City)— Alaskador na Driver: O, ‘yung mga panget po, pwede na pong bumaba! May checkpoint lamang po! Baka malasin tayo!/ Pasahero: Eh manong! Pag bumaba ang mga panget, sino na po ang magmamaneho?


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