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PAL: NAIA T1 for International, NAIA T2 for Domestic Flights starting June 16

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[Manila, 14 June 2023] Starting June 16, 2023, all Philippine Airlines international flights will operate at Manila Airport’s NAIA Terminal 1 while all Philippine Airlines domestic flights will remain at NAIA Terminal 2.

Passengers are encouraged to arrive at least four (4) hours before their international flight and three (3) hours for their domestic flights. Doing so will give travelers enough time for immigration and security checks.

PAL allows early check in for international passengers in NAIA Terminal 1 and domestic passengers in NAIA Terminal 2.

Travelers to and from the Philippines are required to register through the E-Travel portal (https://etravel.gov.ph) within seventy-two (72) hours prior to their scheduled time of arrival in or departure from the Philippines.

For arrivals in the Philippines, Filipinos and foreign nationals are required to register on the E-Travel portal. For departures from the Philippines, only Filipino nationals are required to register.

For travel reminders, please visit https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/before-you-fly/at-the-airport/pal-airport-terminal-international.

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