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Pandemic Brings Us Closer to God

I join the Christian world in commemorating the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

After two years of quarantined Lenten activities, I am happy that we can all pray and do penance in any place. The pandemic has instilled in us the value of faith, movement, and mobility in all aspects of our lives. I thank God for allowing us to enjoy this freedom once again and be at peace with Him as we continue to battle our problems.

This Holy Week presents us with another opportunity for self-reflection. It offers us a reprieve from the personal, professional, and political cross each of us bears. It is a time to re-examine our life decisions and determine whether these have a meaningful impact on our family, associates, and community.

I appeal to every Filipino to empty themselves of negativity. Let us set aside the politics of hatred, divisiveness, and partisanship. As a community of Christians, we can only leap forward if we find peace within ourselves and be at peace with fellow Filipinos, regardless of our differences.

May Christ fill us with hope for a better Philippines and a peaceful world.

UniTeam Senatorial Candidate
Former Presidential Spokesperson


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