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Pandemic won’t stop BIR

COVID-19 Pandemic won’t stop the BIR from pushing its Internal Revenue Integrated System (IRIS) capabilities to the maximum level, as it targeted to raise more tax collections while improving taxpayer service and curbing corruption in the Bureau at the soonest time possible.

IRIS is a web-based system designed to serve as the BIR’s central tool and repository for processing of taxpayer information. It is made up of eight (8) application modules, namely: Taxpayer Registration System (TRS); Collection, Remittance and Reconciliation (CRR); Returns Filing and Processing (RFP); Case Management System (CMS) – Audit and Non-Audit; Taxpayer Compliance System (TCS); Audit Selection System (Audit); Taxpayer Accounting System (TAS); and Tax Credit and Refund (TCR); and two (2) technical modules namely, the Administration Module (AM) and Batch Architecture Module (BAM). Once deployed in all BIR offices, the IRIS will replace the BIR’s 23-year-old Integrated Tax System or ITS.

“Plugging the tax leakages and putting an end to corruption have been our top priorities. Our capabilities to do that will be strengthened with the full adoption of IRIS, coupled with the Bureau’s other digitalization initiatives and various anti-corruption measures. These shall be done expeditiously to raise more tax collections, especially now that the health crisis and the recent typhoons that severely hit many parts of the country have resulted in a huge emergency spending by the government,” Commissioner Caesar R. Dulay said.