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PBA adds roaring voice vs calls for ‘RevGov’

THE Philippine Bar Association Inc. has joined moves rebuking those interest groups behind an organized call for a revolutionary government.

In a public statement, the PBA, led by its president Jose Perpetuo M. Lotilla, said the call for a ‘RevGov’ seeks “to sow subtle seeds meant to erode the Rule of Law and the Constitution.”

“There is a danger in letting movements like this fester without immediate action. This allows them to coagulate and gather. History shows that revolts do not happen overnight. It summons its strength over time and creeps on the unwary. It capitalizes on overconfidence. The greatest sin we can commit right now is to dismiss or ignore the true dangers these repeated calls for “revgov” pose,” the PBA stressed as it cited the dangers posed by the ‘RevGov’ proponents.

The group also noted that the faceless people behind the RevGov move had taken advantage of the pandemic, economic crisis, and a Presidency on its last years in an attempt to grab power from the government.

The PBA vowed not to allow such “defiant acts” to prosper and urged all Filipinos to protect their freedom.

“We in the PBA will not stand idly by as this happens. So should every freedom-loving Filipino,” said the PBA.

“We should not allow glamor- seeking upstarts to undermine the Constitution and cast the country to another dark era of chaos,” the PBA added.

Jail for RevGov plotters, says ‘Tagapagtanggol ng Watawat’

Meanwhile, the ‘Tagapagtanggol ng Watawat’ has sought the arrest of proponents and self-style revolutionaries behind the calls for a RevGov.

The lawyers group, led by Dean Jose Aguila Grapilon stressed that the calls for a RevGov are not protected speech, not sheltered by the Constitution and not made ”by, nor of, nor for the sovereign Filipino people.”

“We submit only to the rule of law, never to the rule of men, “ the group added.

The defenders of the flag stressed that the calls for a RevGov is a threat to national security as these seek “to sweep away the safeguards, checks and balance and the limitations on State power.”

The group added that arrests should be made, citing that “mere declarations of no support” to RevGov proponents by the military and the police are not enough.

The flag’s defenders reminded freedom-loving Filipinos that “ we owe fealty to the Constitution alone, never to those ensconced in privilege nor to the transient occupants of public office.“

All governnment authority emanates from the sovereign Filipino people, it added.

“As Filipino citizens, we all have sworn our allegiance — as articulated in our Panatang Makabayan — to the Philippines as symbolized by our nation’s flag, our Watawat. Ipagtanggol natin ang Republika ng Pilipinas, ipagtanggol ang watawat!,” the group said.