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The PBA Cup For 2021: What Do You Need To Know So Far?

PBA Cup For 2021

2021 is finally here and with it comes a whole new year full of sporting events and a chance for the worlds best teams to compete for the title. The PBA league is one of these sporting events that is set to be bigger and better than ever before in 2021. To help you understand what the PBA is and how it is set to change in 2021, we will be providing you with everything that you need to know.

What Is The PBA?

The Philippine Basketball Association is one of the biggest basketball leagues in the country and has seen many an amazing game and some of the worlds best player gracing the field. The league consists of 12 franchised teams and is the oldest basketball league in this part of the world. Since playing their first game in the league in 1975 the league and its teams have grown substantially.

One of the biggest rivalries in the first 10 years of the league was between the Crispa Redmanizer and the Toyota Tamaraws that is still considered to be one of the biggest rivalries in the history of this league despite the teams no longer playing. With this rivalry helping to pave the way for several other teams that have continued the popularity of the league up until the present day making it one of the biggest.

Who Won The 2020 PBA Season?

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the Philippine Basketball Association went on to play their 45th season last year in the protection of a newly formed bubble similar to that of the NBA in the USA. This proved hugely beneficial to the sport as it allowed them to continue to play their scheduled games with regular Covid testing. At the end of this season, it was the team of Barangay Ginebra that saw their way to victory. Making their way through the PBA standings with an amazing performance from the offset, this was a huge victory for the club that sees them as returning champions for the 2021 league with a point to prove.

With a strong team and the momentum off of a win the last season, there are several ways that this could continue to be an amazing league finish for them when it begins in April of 2021. However, with the draft coming up and several players on the market, could we see a game-changing signing that could see them either outperform last seasons result or drop further down the table. Throughout the year of 2020, a number of the betting agencies experienced a significant drop in revenue as a result of the league being postponed. However, with the resumption of the league, bets placed on the Barangay Ginebra team increased significantly. As a result, this makes them the favourite for winning the 2021 season as several Philippines betting sites put them as one of the favourites to win the league.

What We Know About The Upcoming 2021 PBA Draft

At this moment in time, the 2021 draft for the PBA is scheduled in the calendar as of March 14th and that is really all we know at this time. As per the drafts from years past all those local or Filipino players are required to submit their requirements to the PBA by Jan 27th for this to go ahead as planned. This year is slightly different however as to qualify for the draft players would have previously had to play in the PBA D league for a minimum of seven games before they can be considered. However, the 2021 league saw this removed allowing several other players to be considered that would not have previously.

A Return To The Bubble Set Up for 2021?

Though we are a long way off of the beginning of the league there is still a vast amount of information that is yet to be outlined. Will they be turning to the bubble system once again as a new variant of Covid-19 sweeps across the world or will they be entering the league without the protection of this bubble similar to that of the upcoming NBA league. This is all set to be announced in due course with Willie Marcial stating that they barely broke even following the bubble last year making them unsure as to whether they will use the same format in the 46th season.

With this in mind, the next few months will be a clear indication of where the league is heading and whether or not they will be returning to the bubble to play the league safely. Will you be tuning in to watch the league this year and place your best bets?

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