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PBBM congratulates Air Force as the custodian of our skies, protector of territorial integrity and maritime zones

PBBM congratulates Air Force

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. hailed the Philippine Air Force (PAF) for upholding the territorial integrity of the Philippines and safeguarding its maritime zones.

The President praised the PAF during its 76th founding anniversary held at the Haribon Hangar, Clark Air Base in Mabalacat, Pampanga on Monday.

“The achievements exemplify the values that the PAF stands for: integrity, excellence and patriotism. As members of the Philippine Air Force, you must always uphold these values as the custodians of our skies, entrusted with the task of upholding our national interests, protecting our people, and defending our territory,” he said.

The President graced the anniversary celebration of the PAF as he witnessed its capability demonstration at Colonel Ernesto Rabina Air Base in Capas, Tarlac. He also led the awarding of outstanding PAF officers.

“The days ahead will not be easy and will demand every ounce of your strength and resilience. The winds of change signal geopolitical changes around our region and other parts of the world that as yet affect us. The Philippine Air Force’s maritime air patrol missions are thus essential in upholding our territorial integrity and safeguarding Philippine maritime zones,” he added.

In his speech, the President said he is honored to witness the PAF’s anniversary, commemorating the 76 years of its selfless duty to the Philippines and the Filipino people as he looked back on the rich history of the air force, traced back from the stormy days of the First World War when military aviation was first introduced in the country.

The PAF was established on 1 July 1947 through Executive Order No. 94. This year’s anniversary carries the theme: “PAF@76: Accelerating with Excellence Towards A More Capable, Credible and Sustainable Force.”

“Throughout history, the dedication and sacrifice demonstrated by all the personnel has paved the way for the PAF’s growth and success over the last 76 years. We stand today to recognize the outstanding PAF officers, members, and units who have shown exemplary dedication to securing our nation and defending our skies,” President Marcos said.

“You have contributed in laying the groundwork for the enhancement of our aerial defense capabilities. So, in behalf of the Filipino people, I thank you for your service. May you continue doing your best in all the endeavors that you are given and inspire your fellow airmen and airwomen to do the same,” he added.

The chief executive also took pride to see the great distance that the PAF has flown to ensure the security and sovereignty of the Philippines as he expressed gratitude for going beyond its service, extending into the depths of calamity and humanitarian crises.

President Marcos also valued the PAF’s efforts to support the Philippine Army and other law enforcement agencies in upholding internal security, making the communities safe from various threats.

Before concluding his speech, the President reiterated his commitment to strengthen the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) including the PAF through acquisitions under the AFP Modernization Program as he wished the air force to continue soaring to greater heights.

He also reminded the men and women of the air force to remain united in purpose, indomitable in spirit and unwavering in its dedication to protect the Philippines and the Filipino people. | PND

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