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PBCOM partners with Green Antz Builders, Inc.

In line with PBCOM’s ongoing #PBCOMgoesGREEN campaign, the Bank has partnered with Green Antz builders. Founded in 2012, Green Antz Builders is an innovative provider of building material solutions that integrate eco-friendly practices and green technology. Starting August 9, PBCOM will be collecting plastic wastes from its employees, and these will be donated to Green Antz Builders who will the turn these plastics into eco bricks.

Earlier this year, Philippine Bank of Communications, led by President and CEO Patricia May Siy, has launched the PBCOM goes GREEN campaign, a long-term initiative of the Bank to be more environmentally conscious in its operations. In an effort to build an office culture that promotes environmental sustainability, this initiative aims to educate employees on the environmental impact of the bank’s day-to-day activities, and in the end, reduce the amount of plastic garbage produced by the employees, reduce the amount of paper being consumed by the organization, and, actively advocate initiatives and projects to go green and cost-save.

Since the launch of the #PBCOMgoesGREEN campaign, several sub-programs have been launched. First is the “Ayaw ko ng Plastic” program banning the use of single-use plastics within the office premises. PBCOM has also launched the “Wag kang Ma-Papel”, a program that rewards teams and departments from within the organization that significantly reduces their use of copy papers.

“With the newly launched initiative to collect unavoidable plastic wastes, we, as an institution, hope to help lessen the worldwide problem on waste management, and in our little way contribute in making this world a better place to live in” – Patricia May T. Siy, PBCOM President and CEO.

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