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PCUP to hold Nat’l Urban Poor Assembly on Feb. 15

A NATIONAL Urban Poor Assembly (NUPA) will be held by the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) on February 15 with the participation of urban poor leaders from various UPOs throughout Luzon via ZOOM.

The meeting will be chaired by PCUP Chairman and CEO, Usec. Alvin S. Feliciano through a comprehensive virtual conference that will also be live on the PCUP Facebook page.

Feliciano said the start of this assembly had been a bit late due to the pandemic but he vowed to make sure to raise the percentage of urban poor communities declared by the Commission.

It is a big challenge when the pandemic hit our country but now in 2021, we have many plans to improve and re-establish the state of the urban poor sector and this includes widespread accreditation plus the acquisition of NUPA with urban poor organizations, we will build it gradually,” said Usec.

The launch will be held throughout the afternoon where the PCUP targets to finish the accreditation in just one day.

More than 300 UPOs from various provinces in Luzon will participate and are ready to become legitimate organizations for immediate access to government services.

This is also in preparation for the upcoming elections for leaders at the city/municipality level, provincial level, regional level, and national level of all accredited UPOs.

PCUP developed NUPA to speed up the identification of issues and problems of the poor sector and will act directly as a representative to PCUP and other government agencies.

The purpose of the said meeting is also to formally introduce NUPA to all UPOs not only in Luzon but also in other provinces in the Philippines.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight
Jun I. Legaspi
Reporter, People's Tonight