Killing people can silence people, but never the truth.

There is no hope for a nation whose members of the media can be cowed, frightened or intimidated (and bribed). Only the adulterated and polluted are prone to fear and surrender in the performance and conduct of their calling as journalists, undaunted and guiltless.

Truth plus courage and integrity in journalism and elsewhere equals omnipotence. Put to use in the service of mankind, it could well promote life and deliver progress/salvation to societies and humanities. Journalism and literature are worlds apart in essence and purpose. Literature is art and knowledge – for entertainment and information. Journalism, beyond news reporting, is a mission, a noble vocation – for the betterment of a country – and to awaken the slumbering among its people.

Stop being a journalist just because you’re re a graduate of journalism or because of “connections.” Start loving your country.

The devil can only kill souls or human lives, but not the truth (and justice). “For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth” (2 Corinthians 23:8). Thus, pray that boldness with uprightness be not uncommon/rare among journalists, both in the print and broadcast media (and social media sans trolls). Otherwise, it is not media outfit that you have, but a business enterprise, a milking cow or a propaganda tool.

God is the God and no one else. He only can take life.

The killing of Percy Lapid, the brave and reasonable veteran radio man, should and must not create a chilling effect on media people, but rather it ought to drive them all the more to banner the truth, expose wrongdoings, confront charlatans, fight abuses, defend the weak, and never to cower in championing righteousness and social equity. Stand up to malfeasance and evils.

Every man or woman who is killed for being a fearless, selfless journalist is a hero. The nation salutes you, “Lapid Fire,” along with the other Filipino journalists who have fallen in the night ahead of you. The embers or blaze keeps burning. Live forever – in our hearts.

“… realize that victory is a child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, and redemtion is a product of sacrifice.” – Jose Rizal