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PETA Mourns Mali, the Elephant Who Spent Decades Alone at the Manilla Zoo


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is issuing the following statement in response to the death of Mali, the elephant who suffered at the Manila Zoo for 46 years:

Because of indifference and greed, Mali died the same way she had lived for nearly 50 years—alone in a barren concrete pen. PETA, cultural and political leaders, world-renowned elephant experts, and other kind people from around the world all pleaded for her release to a sanctuary, where she could have enjoyed the company of other elephants. Instead, the Manila Zoo and the city of Manila sentenced Mali to decades of solitary confinement—torture for female elephants, who in nature spend their lives among their mothers and sisters, protecting one another and raising each other’s calves—and now she has lost any chance of happiness. Despite PETA’s repeated warnings, zoo and city officials ignored Mali’s clearly painful foot problems, the leading cause of death in captive elephants—and if they caused her death, too, every person who denied her veterinary care and blocked her transfer to a sanctuary should be held accountable.

PETA thanks everyone who rallied for her release, from Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir Paul McCartney to a host of Filipino stars and thousands of schoolchildren, and urges people everywhere to stay away from any business that puts animals on display.

You can read PETA’s blog post about Mali’s life here. PETA’s social media posts about Mali can be found on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram.

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