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Philippine-American Football League (PAFL) – What is Happening Six Years After?

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The Philippine-American Football League (PAFL) started in 2016 after it replaced the Philippine Tackle Football League. Although the PAFL is very small compared to the NFL, it is doing a massive job of keeping the interest in American Football alive in the Philippines.

The popularity of American Football in Asia is low. However, it is still considerably high among Filipinos who watch a lot of television content from America. Filipinos are also a sports-loving nation. In trying to keep up with the exploits of their sports stars abroad, they come in contact with different sports content from the US and beyond.

The PAFL weekly odds are similar to NFL week 7 odds. They provide entertainment to Filipinos and keep the interest in American Football alive in its little way. Many Filipinos are huge fans of NFL teams, but finding a local league they can call their own is far more thrilling.

What are some of the PAFL’s Strides in Six Years?

The popularity of American football in the Philippines is not subject to any debates. Most countries where the NFL is actively pursuing acceptance do not even have a local American football structure like the Philippines. If there were no strong interest, there would absolutely be no need to set up a local league.

The PTFL was the first attempt at a local league in the Philippines, but it only lasted six years between 2009-2015. When the PAFL replaced it in 2016, only five teams started the league, but the league has now grown to a total of 12 teams.

In its third season, the PAFL signed a media partnership with ESPN 5, now known as One Sports, to provide coverage for PAFL games. Wolves have been the standout team with multiple titles and win in the PAFL.

The PAFL’s biggest strength is its efforts to grow Filipino participation in American football. The PAFL is championing the growth of American football locally in the Philippines with weekly open flag games and other laudable initiatives. These activities are spurring interest in American football in the Philippines.


Currently, the NFL is actively pursuing its expansion into new territories. Asia is a huge prospective location for the NFL due to its population density. Suppose the NFL is interested in securing a country like the Philippines. In that case, it must be prepared to work together with the Philippine-American Football League (PAFL).

PAFL has already built an existing structure in the Philippines, which can be advantageous to the NFL. Instead of breaking into new territories first, the NFL can leverage places with existing structures like the Philippines to get its expansion drive underway.

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