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Philippines joins Global Coalition for Social Justice alongside 100 partners

The Philippines joins the Global Coalition for Social Justice, a groundbreaking cooperative initiative, which now includes 100 partners. According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the coalition is another step forward to advance social justice, decent work and inclusive growth across the globe.

The Coalition aims to improve worldwide collaboration in addressing social justice gaps and advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Decent Work Agenda. Through knowledge sharing and advocacy, the ILO initiative seeks to reduce global inequalities, alleviate poverty and meet essential needs, through the promotion of international labour standards and social dialogue.

“We have a unique opportunity, to bend the arc of history in favour of social justice, for a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and enjoy the benefits of economic, environmental and social progress. Social justice is at the core of our mandate at the ILO, and I am really pleased to share that within just two months we have been able to bring together so many partners across sectors to bring about social justice,” said ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo.

DOLE Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma expressed his strong support for the goals of the coalition, which are fully aligned with Philippine policies. He also noted that social justice in all phases of national development is enshrined in the 1987 Constitution, especially in the areas of labour and employment.

In addition, Secretary Laguesma cited that social justice is a major goal under the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028 and the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan (LEP) 2023-2028.

With its participation, the Philippines joined to date, 19 governments, 14 employers’ and 30 workers’ organizations, 11 international organizations and financial institutions, as well as 10 regional entities, 12 international non-governmental organizations, three enterprises and one academic institution. The ILO Governing Body established the Coalition in November 2023. [See the complete and up-to-date list of partners]

The Coalition has also gained support from numerous Heads of State, Government officials, and global leaders, including the UN Secretary General, notably at the 2023 World of Work Summit: Social justice for all.

On February 20, 2024, World Day of Social Justice, the ILO will host global online events to raise awareness and advocate for achieving a greater balance among the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Prominent figures from the realms of work, politics, international and regional organisations, as well as academia will unite to discuss achieving global social justice. The agenda includes tackling pressing challenges and formulating actionable strategies to enhance progress on the 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Decent Work Agenda.

More on the Global Coalition for Social Justice

The Coalition is a voluntary platform open to governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, international entities, financial institutions, businesses, NGOs, and academia, who are committed to advancing social justice and shared goals. It harnesses partners’ strengths and priorities, encourages political commitments and practical actions aligned with national priorities.

Joining the Coalition provides partners with amplified visibility on the social justice aspects of their mandates. Collaborative efforts allow for greater impact and scale, enabling outcomes otherwise unattainable individually, such as improved access to healthcare, quality education, and decent work. This leads to better employment opportunities, nutrition, and education for workers and their families.

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