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PHILRECA gives guidance and decorum lesson to Juaneza


Electric cooperatives have been and will always be delivering their best service to its member-consumer-owners and this does not need any reminder from any agency “dahil nasa puso at isipan na ito ng bawat Warrior of Light.”

This is the reaction of Atty. Janeene Depay-Colingan, the General Manager and Executive Director of the Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc. (PHILRECA), on the most recent issuance of the National Electrification Administration on what the agency claimed as “Guidance for EC Decorum in the Upcoming 2022 Local and National Elections”.

“This is the beauty of the principle of having member-consumers as your owners – there is accountability to any decision that EC officials will make,” Colingan added.

She also added that “with regard to endorsing candidates, Juaneza should stop making a mockery of the Constitution because a memorandum of any kind cannot supersede anyone’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and expression. Afterall, if there would be any violation of COMELEC rules, it is the COMELEC who should prosecute the violators, not NEA if there are.”

“NEA is mandated to strengthen the electric cooperatives and to help them become economically viable, but Juaneza’s decisions and actions clearly are contrary to this mandate,” added Colingan.

Presley C. De Jesus, President of the same organization, said that the Administrator Emmanuel P. Juaneza clearly does not understand what “guidance” and “decorum” mean in their issuance.

“The National Electrification Administration should make sure to understand and read at least twice any press releases or issuances that it will release to the public. How can a memorandum give guidance to our electric cooperatives if the issuances were declared illegal and unconstitutional by a competent court? Didn’t he receive the decision on the petitions that we filed regarding Memorandum No. 2021-051 along with two other memoranda he issued last year?” said De Jesus.

The legislator also added that “if Juaneza would like to talk about decorum, maybe he should start explaining his ‘decorum’ when he visited Region 8 electric cooperatives during the height of distribution line restoration activities with NASECORE’s Kontra-Brownout Party-List nominee who allegedly was openly promoting his own organization during the meeting. Ano kinalaman niya sa restoration activities ng Task Force?

De Jesus also said that Juaneza probably should “start talking to all officers and government employees in the energy sector instead, especially those holding position in political parties and sits as heads of the agencies. You might remember those officers busily organizing political caucuses and conventions while the entire country experiences power outages due to lack of power supply last year.”

The petitions to declare Memoranda to ECs 2021-039, Memo to ECs 2021-040, and Memo to ECs No. 2021-51, the memo referred to by the NEA Administrator, as illegal and unconstitutional were granted by a Regional Trial Court in Isabela City on February 4, 2022.

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