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Phl local officials forge ties with Maldives counterparts

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The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) and the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) embarked on an exchange program with the Local Government Authority of the Republic of Maldives (Maldives LGA) and the Baa Atoll Council to reinforce collaboration and mutual learning in local governance on 20 to 26 July 2023.

This initiative was in response to the request of the Maldives LGA, through the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), of which ULAP and PCL are members, to enhance the governance and administration of the select members of the Baa Atoll Council, as they continued their efforts in decentralization.

“As we embark on this study mission, we are reminded that true progress knows no borders. Our shared challenges and triumphs in local governance unite us in our pursuit of better governance practices and sustainable development.” Quirino Gov. Dax Cua, ULAP National President, said.

The exchange program included capacity-building activities, exposure trips, and information sessions to share Philippine best practices on decentralization and devolution with the Maldives delegates.

“Through this capacity-building program, we open doors for meaningful partnerships and lasting friendships. Together, we build bridges that transcend geographical boundaries and work hand in hand towards a brighter future,” PCL National Chairman Raul Corro said.

“We are excited to strengthen our ties with the Republic of Maldives through this capacitybuilding exchange program. This collaborative effort will not only enhance the governance and administration of the Baa Atoll Council but also create lasting partnerships for the benefit of both countries,” PCL National President Handly Lao meanwhile said.

As part of the capacity-building activities, a session on “Capacity Development and Exchanges of Organizational Policy Development Frameworks with Best Practices” took place in the PCL Legislative Academy during the exchange program.

The session delved into key topics such as the Philippine administrative system and the impactful outcomes of Philippine decentralization efforts.

The delegates from the Baa Atoll Council and the Maldives LGA also attended a session in Muntinlupa City Local Government to observe proceedings of LGU councils in the Philippines and a learning visit in Valenzuela City Local Government to learn about their Local Governance Program on eGovernance and Digitalization.

The delegates also conducted learning visits to tourism landmarks and heritage sites and meetings with local city officials.

The Baa Atoll Council, also known as the Secretariat of South Maalhosmadulu Atoll Council, is the governing body mandated to oversee the overall development and resource management of South Maalhosmadulu Atoll in the Republic of Maldives.

Meanwhile, the Maldives LGA is an oversight body responsible for facilitating the capacity building of Local Councils and Women’s Development Committees to strengthen the decentralization system in the Maldives.

ULAP is the umbrella organization of all leagues of local government units and local government officials in country, serving as the focal
representative and mouthpiece of the subnational government in all policy and program platforms to amplify our unified advocacy towards the strengthening of LGUs into able partners in nation-building.

Learn more at www.ulap.net.ph

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