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PHLPost gets new fleet

10 wheeler trucks
Brand new 10 wheeler trucks

IN an effort to reinforce the current PHLPost delivery efficiency and strengthen mail conveyance, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) announced having acquired a new transportation fleet of 22 units of brand new trucks.

These mail delivery trucks -18 six-wheeler and four ten-wheeler trucks- will be distributed across the country and are meant to to reinforce its logistics service in addition to its mail and parcel delivery. They are part of the continuous re-fleeting of the mail transport system which is expected to speed up the delivery of mails and packages nationwide.

It was learned from Postmaster General Luis Carlos that the newly-acquired vehicles will boost PHLPost capabilities to better serve the public and attract more institutional mailers to patronize PHLPost delivery and logistics services.

The postal service is now coordinating with the Department of Agriculture on logistics requirements in part or whole of our farmers in transporting goods at cheaper price. We are transforming the mail delivery into logistics services”, Carlos said.

As a logistics provider, PHLPost can also deliver or transport their agricultural products such as seedlings, fertilizers, and crops to far-flung areas that have no access to major cities in the provinces.

“We are expanding our services to help our small farmers sell their products to cities where there is a potential market for them. PHLPost would like to help and uplift our local farmers to sell their product and improve their livelihood”, he said.

“We started to establish “Kadiwa pop-up store” in some of our post offices and we shall do it in other areas as well. This is aligned with our goal to deliver cheaper agricultural products or goods through affordable logistics solutions directly to our farmers in support to President’s Marcos’ call for affordable food for every Filipinos,” he added.

“PHLPost is also determined to ride on the e-commerce boom. The newly-acquired postal vehicles will beef-up the e-commerce and logistics delivery business of the postal service. With these brand new trucks, there is a bigger chance and opportunity for PHLPost to enter the e-commerce and logistics market by 2025”, Carlos stated.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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